Thursday, July 11, 2013

School Leadership/ Common Core

My stated purpose of this blog is to get educators thinking about what are best practices with students and teachers. I am attempting a shift to school administration and I would love to build skills of being an effective instructional leader. Just like with my classroom students, I want to create risk taking environments where learners of all styles get plenty of opportunity to collaborate and think critically. I have been tackling a new resource called "109 Resources for the Common Core" My goal is to wrestle through it and produce a presentation or professional development module which can be helpful to teachers to digest the tons of information available. Once I get some things together, I hope to get some feedback about how interesting/useful it is.

Also don't be afraid to interact with me even if you are not one of my "teacher" friends. Decisions about students need to know and be able to do, should come from all community members. You have to live and work with the products (students) we produce... you definitely get a say in what should be going on in schools.

If you are following this blog, it might also be helpful to follow me on Twitter (HollyProcida) because I sometimes reference things I've tweeted . (like right now) An opinion article in Chicago tribune by an English professor did a great job of questioning "freedom" this week... and I was happy to see a middle school summer course on 9/11 for younger students. It is a powerful and meaningful topic and I wrestle every year with how to do it justice.

So back to my Common Core work... I'll keep you posted :)

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