Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 is here

This is bound to be one of the most exciting years for me personally.  I am selling my home of 20 years, getting remarried, sending my little one of to college, finding a perfect new challenging position.  I am thrilled with all of the exciting changes and new challenges I will face.

But heartbreakingly, a devastating story happened in our community this week. A freshman at Univ of Penn, who was friendly with my kids, took her own life. She was smart, beautiful, athletic and even was getting help for her stress.

It has made me remember and re- evaluate the life lessons I have acquired about SUCCESS. It is so easy to get caught up in numbers, averages, sports records, salary, awards on a shelf.

It is easy for educators to think that SGOs  SGPs  and teacher evaluation ratings are the measure of success.  When in fact, productive citizens who can think, problem solve,  and empathize is our true goal.

I listened to Carol Dweck from Stanford speak about Growth Mindset this week. Her studies show that if we can teach students to understand that people and situations are not fixed the results are impressive. Suddenly people don't think a bully will always be a bully, and a victim will always be a victim.  They can understand that a student has the ability to change their academic profile. Teachers can learn that they can grow and change as teachers.

It is sort of the core truth to all learning.

I hope to grow so much in 2014. I hope to teach my students their potential for growth personally and academically and I wish Madison had gotten an opportunity to understand that her situation would grow and change.

I hope each of you has a productive and growth filled 2014.