Monday, July 1, 2013

First Post

This situation is much like the summer I spent in 1984 at Crystal Lake Pool hanging around the high dive platform much too afraid to actually dive off. Oh, I easily went in the rest of the pool with great confidence, making it seem as if I was an expert swimmer. I even spent a good portion of the time on the platform flirting with the lifeguards to disguise the fact that I was actually sizing up the jump.

But here I go... I am going to blog as a professional educator. Now to be fair, I have blogged as a classroom teacher so I am not a complete novice at this. And I actually misuse facebook as a mini personal blog all the time. But my purpose in this blog is to hone my educational leadership skills. I want to process the large amount of interesting information I collect from the internet and observations I have about teaching and schools. I’d like to put my spin on it through my lens of experience and be able to get others to comment, interact and add to my understandings and perspectives. I am going to keep my window wide open and process all subjects K-12.

In a complete all-out technology effort I am also simultaneously going to begin to use Twitter to also interact with educators. I have many websites forums and blogs I follow now,  but so many of them are excited about Twitter, I figure if I am jumping..... I should really jump, and hurry up before the next trends come along and I am too far behind.

I hope you will follow along and give input. I am interested in my educator friends interacting with me, but also parents and professionals in other fields I would be very happy to have your perspectives on the trends and issues I will be discussing. After all, our job as educators is to get students ready to be productive citizens, so the types of learning and behaviors that you successfully use as a productive adult are what we are aiming for.

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