Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making yourself a better teacher~ Community Connections

I had the pleasure this week of working with a team of instructional coaches in Northern Valley. It is a really remarkable group of teachers who have that attitude from the smartblog I tweeted earlier. We are all works in progress and can improve our teaching all the time. It was a rewarding and inspiring day. One conversation I had with some colleagues was about ways to engage community entities with the schools. I then read about the teachers in Leesburg VA (shout out to my friend ChrisG) who are doing an externship, and going into workplaces that feature math, science and technology to get ideas about how better to make learning applicable to life situations for their students. Very cool!

I also ran across two great resources from opposite ends of the spectrum. An archive website that takes our countries' charter documents (constitution, bill of rights, articles of confederation) and makes them very accessible to students. They also have an interactive timeline that pretty succinctly summarizes a US History 1 class. Fabulous resource!

And for emerging readers has a very nice sight word bingo game for reinforcement. I tried some of their other resources and not every App had easy directions but the sight word bingo was really good.

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So... I am wondering what kind of community connections can you think of ? I know most businesses and corporations have a community service element. Do you think local workers would come into your classrooms to read? present? Does anyone have good experiences to share ? Either as the giver or receiver of community support in schools ? Don't be shy about commenting if you have things to offer about topics I bring up. Many people really are reading this blog and I am positive they don't ONLY want to hear what I have to say.. let's make it a conversation :)

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