Sunday, September 7, 2014

How life's challenges are a lot like Candy Crush...

On this Sunday morning as I am faced with a mountain of lesson planning I am distracting myself a bit with Candy Crush. It strikes me that there are a lot of reasons that life's challenges resemble this game.

1. Every day starts out with pretty, colorful "objects" and it is only after you get into it that it gets difficult. Although, some people look at it and it seems insurmountable (but eventually everyone gets through it)

2. Every day has different challenges.. sometimes you have to "clear the jelly" and sometimes you have to "bring down the fruit" sometimes you are timed, and you always have a different amount of chances.

3. It always takes at least one play through a level to figure out exactly what was important at the outset.

4. Sometimes you get through three levels in one day.. other times you spend weeks at the same level.

5. Part of it is luck, (which pieces fall into your board) and part of it is skill (how you arrange those pieces)

6. Some of your friends are way ahead of you, some way behind.

7. Everyone has different strategies and priorities.

8. You do have "lifelines" available to you.

9. If you get really stuck you either need friends or money.

10. The only way you lose the game is if you give up!

Games are good; for learning, for life, and they are great metaphors for the real challenges we face.

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