Monday, October 7, 2013

A unicorn threw up in the boys' bathroom...

I have been so excited about my students' progress in the first month of school. They have been reflecting, commenting, extending, questioning, making connections and generally being very enthusiastic about world geography and ancient civilizations. So much so, that sometimes I forget they are just 10 and 11 years old. Until I am reminded by today's report after lunch.

Some Boys: " Mrs. Procida, We think a unicorn threw up in the boys' bathroom."

Me : "Hmmm what sort of evidence do you have for this."

Them: "come see"

Me: (flagging down a male coworker, who confirmed a pink substance on the bathroom floor,,, could be soap, could be pepto - bismol )

"I think someone was unsuccessfully trying to treat a stomach ache with some stomach medicine guys.. sorry to debunk your theory.. but good imagination there!"

We are still pinning down the fantasy/ reality line here in social studies.

I am also looking forward to attending the overnight trip this week with the 7th grade. It is such a fabulous opportunity for students to learn about themselves and such a great time for them to start to reflect on the people that their classmates are becoming. It is so easy to stay with first impressions in a school system where you are classmates since kindergarten. This trip gives students a chance to get out if the regular school environment and utilize many skills that are not emphasized in the classroom. Sometimes a very unlikely candidate is your savior in the group compass activity helping you to navigate out of the  middle of the woods.

I shared this activity that I tweeted about this week with the trip director. We both think it is a powerful activity and would be a great addition to any positive school culture. Watch the video yourself. It is really inspiring !

Happy October!
Holly P

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